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Human nature and demystification of the civilization


Genocide and massacres in Rwanda and Burundi


By Didier Bertin - May 6, 2014


From an extensive analysis of the last genocide of the twentieth century (Rwanda) and taking into account the other two genocides and other mass killings of the same century, we tried to find an explanation for these tragedies in which human nature and brain structure have played a major role impervious to the effects of civilization that follows a different evolutionary process from that of human nature.


I-Very similar situations with different levels of economic underdevelopment in Rwanda and Burundi

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 Both countries were administered as a single entity by German then by the Belgians as the Ruanda-Urundi; Belgian had occupied the German colony in 1916 and had obtained an administrative mandate of the League of Nations in 1924. In 1946, the UN confirmed the Belgian mandate subject to a preparation to the independence of the country. Rwanda became autonomous in 1959 and Rwanda and Burundi